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March of the Meat Puppets ~ 2019

MeatHeads rejoice. It has been 6 long years since the legendary desert trio released new music. Circa 2019 they have evolved into a quintet with Curt’s Son Elmo Kirkwood on guitar and pianist, Ron Stabinsky on keys. Rounding out this unit original drummer Derrick Bostrom is back behind the drum kit. Check out Derrick’s blog […]

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Speakeasy Cocktail Chile Dining Bliss

The Land of Enchantment geographically sits right next to us Arizonans, continually cross pollinating our cuisine. New Mexico’s critical ingredient of course is the chile. If you’ve ever been to New Mexico you know the chile’s reverence and near ubiquity in their state. Fortunately for those of us who live near (or in) the Phoenix […]

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Mindful Listening

How do you listen to music & video? While cleaning, working out, or is it background (white noise?) The Geeky Consumer suggests investing in a dedicated listening station, one you can sit down with and enjoy for a real listening session. Most of us listen to music in cars, over earbuds or through speaker systems. […]

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Conspicuous Consumption on a Mindful Scale

Mindful Consumption. Discernment between the ordinary and extraordinary. The Geeky Consumer extolls the virtues of mindful minimalism through conspicuous consumption. Fight Club’s founder (Tyler Durden) said it best; “What are we then? We are consumers, we are byproducts of a lifestyle obsession:” “Do what you like, man” Tyler Durden and his misguided quasi-fascistic ideology aside (although […]

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Hit The Bricks

We who live in the Southwestern United States are blessed with an abundance of spoils in our Natural Wonders. As an Arizonan ensconced in Sedona, our location offers access to countless historical and breathtaking National Parks and Monuments. As of this writing (January 2019,) many National Parks and Monuments are sure to be impacted negatively […]

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